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To Buy Properties and Notes in CALIFORNIA:

We are Commercial Real Estate Investors with Real Properties and Notes In California. 
We buy commercial notes and properties in all cities, and in various conditions and prices. 
Our properties range from vacant buildings, all the way up to 100% occupied properties in excellent conditions. We have performing and non-performing notes.

You're about to discover secret real estate deals.
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  • Gain access to real properties for sale. We are commercial wholesalers based out of Los Angeles and we are offering true "Below Market" deals for a quick profit and move on.
  • These properties are currently for sale right now and we are looking for the best offer in the next 3-4 days
  • Talk to the real seller of the property. We are ready to make the deal with you today.
  • Be able to talk to a real person. A real line phone number is provided so that you can talk to us and have your questions answered.
When we sell properties and notes we turn to our list of buyers to find the best match based on any information that you provide. Please provide the information and let us match you with the properties and notes that fit your investment criteria.

 Our Group Mission:

We are a group of commercial real estate investors, consultants, and financiers. We buy, and finance commercial properties nationwide. We source, we locate, we find, we analyze and, most important, we DELIVER deeply discounted Commercial Properties Direct from the Banks and Private Sellers so that our Investors and Buyers can realize the level of returns they need to meet their financial goals. 

We work closely with companies to help them acquire additional discounted commercial assets as quickly, easily, and efficiently as possible with less competition and hassles.

Our team has years of Real Estate experience, both as a buyer and seller of portfolios:

We are the bridge between institutional real estate investors and the capital off markets. We serve as the consultants-neutral host. Our consultancy firm, Property Enterprise LLC, provides principals, and equity sources the most productive and cost effective way to acquire, dispose, finance and capitalize real estate.

We have built our business on a clear commitment to acting with integrity, striving to maintain the highest standard of ethical conduct in all of our activities. We promise to act honestly, provide the highest quality of customer service possible and respect our clients worldwide.

For Sellers of Commercial Properties:

We can help you quickly reach the most qualified investors for your exclusive properties. We have a complete, actively managed, buyer database in the commercial real estate industry. Comprised of qualified real estate buyers and investors of commercial property, notes, and bank-owned assets, our database provides a clear advantage to CRE. Buyers trust they will see only those assets that match their acquisition criteria and sellers are guaranteed to enhance market participation on their asset sales.

Viewpoint: Disciplined and Long Term-Focused:

At Property Enterprise LLC we cast a wide net to search for undervalued commercial assets: across geographies, up and down capital structures and in both private and public markets. We work closely with our analytics team to determine investment outcomes under various economic conditions. This effort allows us to identify what we believe is the most undervalued assets, since the optimal assets isn’t necessarily one that has the greatest absolute return potential in a strong growth environment.

We are able to be flexible with investment approach because of our broad network of contacts across the financial and real estate sectors. We have the expertise and depth of resources to analyze a broad opportunity set, along with a longer investment horizon. This has enabled us to realize an abundance of attractive relative-value opportunities in commercial real estate.

We think certain properties in non-major markets look attractive for acquisition. We are seeing opportunities to buy high-quality assets for attractive initial cap rates in markets with improving fundamentals, at price points well below peak pricing and replacement cost and with financing that remains cheap by historical standards. These assets offer relatively limited downside risk and the potential for rent growth and capital migration into their markets.

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